Yearbooks & Yellow Pages

Airmail Delivery Print Copy CD-ROM
The Europa World Year Book 2013 US$1,625.00
Whitaker's Almanack 2014 US$185.00
Australia Year Book 2012 US$135.00
Bahrain Telephone Directory with Yellow Pages 2014/2015 US$150.00
Borneo Bulletin Yearbook 2013 (Brunei Yearbook) with Corporate, Products & Service Listings US$130.00
Canadian Almanac & Directory 2013 US$460.00
The People's Republic of China Yearbook 2013 US$385.00
China Statistical Yearbook 2013 (with CD) US$330.00
China Trade and External Economic Statistical Yearbook 2013 US$280.00
China Commerce Yearbook 2013 US$330.00
China Securities & Futures Statistical Yearbook 2013 US$250.00
Egypt Yellow Pages - Cairo, Alexandria, etc. 2014/2015 US$230.00
Egypt Yellow Pages, Sinai & Red Sea 2014/2015 US$150.00
INDIA Reference Annual 2013 US$195.00
Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2013 US$180.00
Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2013 US$150.00
Japan Statistical Yearbook 2014 (with CD) US$275.00
Macau Yellow Pages 2014 US$110.00
Malaysia Yellow Pages, Kuala Lumpur - Selangor 2014 US$130.00
Malaysia Yellow Pages, Perak - Penang - Kedah - Perlis 2014 US$100.00
Malaysia Yellow Pages, Negeri Sembilan - Melaka - Johor 2014 US$100.00
Malaysia Yellow Pages, Pahang - Terengganu - Kelantan 2014 (with Business White Pages) US$100.00
Malaysia Yellow Pages, Sabah - W.P. Labuan 2014 (with Business White Pages) US$100.00
Malaysia Yellow Pages, Sarawak 2014 (with Business White Pages) US$100.00
Statistic Yearbook Malaysia 2012 US$175.00
Myanmar Yellow Pages 2014 US$160.00
Nepal Yellow Pages 2014 US$130.00
Jamal's Yellow Pages of Pakistan 2013 (3-Vol) US$350.00
Philippines Yearbook 2011 US$275.00
Philippine Business & Government Yearbook 2013/2014 US$230.00
Philippine Statistical Yearbook 2013 (with CD) US$450.00
Metro Manila Telephone Directory, Commercial/Industrial Yellow Pages 2014/2015 [Philippines] US$120.00
Metro Manila Telephone Directory, Household & Business Yellow Pages 2014/2015 [Philippines] US$120.00
Metro Manila Telephone Directory, Government & Business White Pages 2014/2015 [Philippines] US$120.00
Yearbook of Statistics Singapore 2013 US$125.00
Singapore White Pages Business Listings 2013 US$180.00
Singapore Yellow Pages 2013/2014 US$185.00
Swaziland Telecommunications Directory 2012 US$110.00
Statistical Yearbook of Sweden 2014 US$165.00
The Republic of China Yearbook 2013 [Taiwan] US$125.00
Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of China 2011 [Taiwan] US$110.00
Thailand Government Directory 2012/2013 US$125.00
Thailand Province Data 2012/2013 US$125.00
Statistical Yearbook Thailand 2012 US$165.00
Ho Chi Minh City Yellow Pages & White Pages 2014 [Vietnam] US$150.00
Ha Noi Telephone Directory & Yellow Pages 2014 [Vietnam] US$145.00
Statistical Yearbook of Vietnam 2012 US$230.00
Zambia Telephone Directory 2011 (including Facsimiles & Telex) US$125.00
The Unknown Russia: From Macro to Micro 2012 (14-Vol/Set) [First Edition: The Encyclopedia of Russia's Business) US$3,880.00
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