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Airmail Delivery Print Copy CD-ROM
Nations of the World 2014 US$280.00
The International Directory of Government 2013 US$825.00
The Dynamics of Asian Financial Integration 2011 US$210.00
The Impact of China on Global Commodity Prices 2012 US$185.00
Routledge Handbook of Asian Regionalism 2011 US$240.00
Who's Who in International Affairs 2011 US$675.00
Europa Regional Surveys of the World 2014 (9-Vol/set) US$6,745.00
- do.- South Asia 2014 US$915.00
- do.- The Far East and Australasia 2014 US$970.00
- do.- The Middle East and North Africa 2014 US$970.00
- do.- Africa South of the Sahara 2014 US$970.00
- do.- Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia 2014 US$875.00
- do.- Central and South-Eastern Europe 2014 US$910.00
- do.- Western Europe 2014 US$970.00
- do.- The USA and Canada 2014 US$970.00
- do.- South American Central America and the Caribbean 2014 US$970.00
European Union Encyclopedia and Directory 2013 US$875.00
Trade Associations and Professional Bodies of the Continental European Union 2012 US$510.00
The Territories and States of India 2011 US$265.00
The Territories of Indonesia 2009 US$295.00
Thailand in Figures 2012-2013 (2-Vol) US$200.00
Territories of the Russian Federation 2013 US$365.00
The Routledge Handbook of Modern Turkey 2012 US$235.00
Canadian Parliamentary Guide 2013 US$315.00
Governments Canada 2013 US$495.00
Associations Canada 2013 US$495.00
Hudson's Washington News Media Contacts Directory 2013 US$380.00
The Comparative Guide to American Clementary and Secondary Schools 2014 US$250.00
Profiles of California 2013 US$250.00
Profiles of Indiana 2013 US$250.00
Profiles of New York State 2013/14 US$250.00
America's Top-Rated Cities 2013 (4-Vol) US$380.00
America's Top-Rated Smaller Cities 2012/13 (2-Vol) US$320.00
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