About Us

Current Pacific Limited, established in 1992, is a progressive business information provider and services company. in 1994 we began to publish our first directory, New Zealand Trade Directory, and at the same time started to distribute trade and business directories, yearbooks, yellow pages, industry and market reports, reference directories, etc. published by international publishers. At present, we are marketing a total of more than 500 titles, and the number is growing.

Besides publication business, we provide representation and agency services to overseas companies and organisations, and act as worldwide mailing lists broker.

Our management team comprises of professionals of well-trained and experienced in marketing, advertising, printing, publishing, distribution, direct mail, international business, China trade, public relations, training, secretarial services, and management consulting.

We are keen to provide efficient marketing services to new and established international publishers and mailing list owners. At the same time, we look for opportunities to establish business partnership with overseas companies.

Our company is a corporate member of the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, since establishment in 1992.

To place orders for publications, for agency services and business proposals, please contact us:

Current Pacific Limited
P.O. Box 36-536, Northcote 0748
7 La Roche Place, Northcote
Auckland 0627, New Zealand
Tel: (64-9) 480-1388 
E-mail: info@cplnz.com ; cpl_nz@hotmail.com

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